Quick Makeup Hacks

Must-Read Makeup Hacks for Restaurant Lighting

Restaurant lighting can be tricky to work with, especially when you’re trying to put on makeup. No one wants that perfect look they spent an hour achieving to disappear as soon as the food arrives at the table. This blog post discusses some of our favorite hacks for getting around this problem and looking your best no matter where you are.

Do you find yourself struggling to apply makeup in dim restaurant lighting? If so, here are some hacks to make it easier. One way is by using a lighter lipstick color or glossier lip shade to reflect light better than deep shades do. Another option is applying your foundation with your fingers because they give off more natural-looking results than brushes. For eyeshadow, pick up colors that blend into the skin instead of relying on bold colors that won’t show up as much in low light. Last but not least, use waterproof mascara and eyeliner for staying power!

Enhancing your look when there is poor lighting in a restaurant

We all know that restaurant lighting is the worst. It’s always either too bright or too dark, and it’s never flattering. But now, there’s no need to suffer anymore! These makeup hacks will help you look your best in any restaurant setting.

restaurant lighting

Wear some form of eye makeup

Dark circles and raccoon eyes are never attractive, so try to wear some form of eye makeup. A simple eye shadow and liner can make a world of difference.

Wear a bold lip color

Bright lip color will help draw attention away from unflattering lighting and bring out your best features. For a bonus, line your lips with a neutral color liner to make them look fuller.

Do your makeup beforehand

apply makeupThis might seem like an obvious one, but we can’t emphasize it enough! Don’t wait until you get to the restaurant before putting on any makeup as soon as you get to the restaurant, head straight to the bathroom and put on your makeup there.

Use a bronzer or highlighter for a nice glow

You can do this over bare skin, foundation, or powder! The idea here is to give yourself a “lit-from-within” look.

Bad makeup lighting

There is no need to redo your makeup when you go out to eat completely! Instead, you can easily adapt your look to the often-harsh restaurant lighting by following simple tips.

To start with, use a foundation that has a matte finish. This will help minimize any shine that the lights might bring out. Next, use a dark eye shadow to contour your eyes. This will help to make them look more defined in the harsh lighting. Finally, use a lip gloss with a bit of shimmer. This will help bring some life to your face and make you look more polished.